Passion and Purpose

June 26, 2017
(Written December 27, 2016)

Passion and Purpose

Planted at our birth, small seedlings, not yet visible or recognizable to the human eye.
Only the Master Gardener knows their future, the unique gifts they will eventually offer us and the universe.
We don’t find or earn them; they are gifted to us.

We can anticipate their growth with quiet confidence and joyful expectation.
There is no need to frantically search them out, pushing or rushing them to maturity.
They will blossom and you will see them when the conditions are right.

A life well lived and fully embraced, each moment of joy and sorrow, struggle and triumph, offers them the perfect nourishment and tending needed to fully blossom.
These seeds will become the perfect size, the highest and best version of themselves.

Both Passion and Purpose will bless their keeper and everyone they touch.
If used for the greatest good, they will have infinite capacity to bring joy and healing, to make a unique contribution, one that no other Keeper can offer.

Passion and Purpose are gifts from the Master Gardener, the Great Spirit, Mother Earth, God.
The one who is all powerful and all love.

Honor them.
Respect them.
Share them.

Love and blessings,

Women in Recovery Everywhere


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