First Love

June 11, 2017
At first I learned what it meant to receive love, to allow it entry beyond the walls I had so carefully constructed over the years.
This love was from someone just like me, with both strengths and weaknesses, capable of both love and hate.
It had great healing power, brought comfort to sorrow and joy to celebrations.
I was in awe it even existed, that I could trust it and let it in.
This was human love.

From there, I discovered a different kind of love, a more perfect and complete love.
I hardly recognized it at first although I was sure we had met before.
This new love flowed from a power so much greater than anything I had known.
It seemed no where yet everywhere.
Some called this love “Mother”, others called him “Father” or the “Divine”.
Many called him “God”.
I had just met her, as if for the first time, so I called Her very simply, “Love”

Our relationship was different this time.
I no longer believed everything I had been told about Her.
It was like starting over, getting to know each other more intimately.
We would have a relationship based on experiences in the here and now, leaving yesterday in the past.
There was no rush.
She always said,
“It’s okay to take your time, to grow in both love and trust. I’m not going anywhere.”

It’s been a while since we met again.
So much has changed over these years, mostly me.
There have been times I questioned Her love, Her power and maybe even Her existence.
Yet I always come back to the beginning, to the truth, my truth.
For me She is real, all patient and all kind.
She is still very simply Love.
God is Love.

god is love poster

Love and blessings my friends,

Women in Recovery Everywhere






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