Want to Live Longer?

May 24, 2017

People who are in positive and healthy relationships live longer.

This was a tidbit I heard on the radio the other day and it got me thinking about my relationships.

  • I am an introvert so I re-charge my batteries with alone and quiet time; I also have a mental illness and addiction which often try to tell me I’m “different”, “no one understands” and other such lies. Despite all this, I have learned and greatly appreciate the value of relationships. I am 100% convinced that not one of us is meant to travel this path of life alone. I believe we are created to be in relationship, to encourage, support and lift each other up.  So, even when I think I don’t need anyone in my life, I know it’s just not true!
  • I am by nature (and part by nurture) a busy person who is blessed to meet a lot of people. I’ve learned to make conscious decisions on how I use my time, including how much I invest in each relationship.
  • I work hard to create and nurture relationships.  Do I do it perfectly? No! Do I always have or keep my priorities straight? No! Do I continue to make progress in this area? I sure think so.
  • Iyanla Vanzant writes about the Divine Order. She suggests that if your world is feeling out of balance or topsy-turvy, you may have your priorities jumbled. For harmony and balance, she suggests we maintain the Divine Order: God, self and others. This makes a lot of sense to me as without God I am nothing and without looking after myself, I have nothing to give to others.
  • My relationship priorities change regularly and I have to often re-adjust them but sometimes they look like this: God, self, inner circle of soul sisters and fellow warriors, life partner, children/grand-children, extended family (mother, siblings, nieces,nephews, etc.) and those I’m called to serve by supporting their recovery, friends and colleagues.
  • The importance and value of relationships are not necessarily measured by the quantity of time spent together as each one is unique in terms of what it needs to flourish.

    I may not have heard much of the radio program but it sure was great food for thought.

    Love and blessings friends,

    Women in Recovery Everywhere







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