Insane? I Think Not!

March 17, 2017

“Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

Step 2, 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

Now hypothetically speaking, if someone was to suggest that 12 simple steps, followed in the order presented, could transform my life, I might pay them some attention. If, however, I noticed that in the second step there was reference to being “restored to sanity”, I might take a slight pause and even greater offense.  After all, if I’m being restored to sanity that must mean I am currently insane. Hey, I’m not sure I like that. I am one of the most sane, responsible, respectable people I know. (Is humility a pre-requisite?) Excuse me!!!!!

This is where it comes in very handy to have someone walking through and guiding me in these 12 steps, someone who has been where I am going and can share their personal experience, strength and hope with me. Although I may be offended to think I can’t do them alone, there is a chance I may be lacking some humility and insight into their meaning and intent. Case in point,maybe I’ve never heard the following explanation for “restored to sanity”: returned to my original state.  Hmmm, okay, that’s a bit easier to swallow. Carry on, tell me more.

So, what was my original state you ask? Who was I when I first came out of my cozy nest and into this big noisy world, a world where life happened? Well, let me think. I trusted without question-if I needed something, I expected to receive it; I didn’t expect to know or be able to do everything myself; I lived in the moment; I laughed, I cried, I slept, I ate; I didn’t worry about being right and striving for perfection. I guess I “kept it simple” and did “first things first”. It might have been a long time since that was my life but if that was sanity, yeah, I want it back!  Okay, okay, I’m in! I want to be restored to sanity.

What? There’s another part to this step? It involves a  “Power greater than ourselves.”, like greater than me? Okay, this is way too much. I’m feeling faint. I need to rest. I’ll come back to that part.

Love and blessings,

Women in Recovery Everywhere




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