Everyday Miracles

Everyday Miracles

I used to fear my life would last forever;
Today I’m afraid forever won’t be nearly long enough.

The God of my past lived outside of me;
Experience has since shown me that She actually lives on the inside, not only of me but of everyone I meet.

Being a victim was all I knew back then;
Today, as a victor, more than surviving, I am thriving.

I am no worse nor any better than you;
We are all equal, so much more the same than different.

I’ve learned that life has both peaks and valleys;
And sharing lightens the load and increases the joy.

Yesterday I had no choice, no power to choose;
Today I see options which allow abundant love to flow.

Miracles were only there for others;
Now they are everywhere, everyday for everyone, even me.

I am grateful for the miracle of my life;
The life that is mine to live, just for today, yes, just for today.


I wrote an earlier version of this on December 15, 2016,which was one of those days where the transformation that God has allowed in my life was glaringly obvious. I share this again today with the same tremendous gratitude and awe.

Love and blessings,

Women in Recovery Everywhere

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