Living This Other Life

March 6, 2017


Its reach is far and deep, no corner is left untouched.
Old wounds and scars are everywhere yet most are invisible to the naked eye.
Very few even know what to look for nor could they handle what might be found.

On the inside, in the darkness, the uncensored truths could be pieced together.
But this takes time and not many get that close, close enough to see the secrets.
Instead, its victims go on pretending we are someone else, living this other life with seemingly no effort.

Most days, we don’t even think about what brought us here.
Nor do we contemplate living any other way.
We simply do life as we always have, nothing out of the ordinary or very extraordinary.

Some can recall the exact details-the date, the time-when it all changed.
For others, there is nothing to pinpoint.
Living this way is all we have known.

This path is dark and lonely.
Travelers will be hungry for change yet many will persevere, weighed down by fear and cloaked in shame.
Otherwise good Samaritans will walk on by, looking the other way, not knowing what to say or do.

In the midst of it all, there is one light that has the potential to break through the darkness, gradually over time, like a slow morning sun-rise.
It shines from somewhere nearby, maybe from an ally who is walking a separate yet eerily familiar path.
There is cautious optimism, a glimmer of hope that this will be the light to dispel the darkness that has been our constant companion.

It takes great courage and strength to be a light on these dark paths.
Not everyone can make this choice but, for those that do, they offer hope, save lives and deliver beauty from the ashes.
How many will choose compassion and dare to shine this light to guide a lost traveler back home, back home to self and Spirit?

Love and blessings,

Women in Recovery Everywhere











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