Home to Self

February 28, 2017

I’m  just getting back to my regular routine after working out of town for the last two weeks. I wrote this blog as I reflected on the sense of disconnection I feel when I get “too busy ” and allow my daily routine of prayer, meditation and mindfulness, to lose its priority. At these times, I wander away from my home, from my center, and I start feeling disconnected and off balance. Luckily,  I don’t stay away long and I can always come back home to self as soon as I decide. #gratefulforhope

Love and blessings,

Women in Recovery Everywhere


Home, that place of connection of body and mind, oneness of spirit.
Where life flowed with natural ease, with great knowing, without questions or doubts.
It was home, the place I always knew would be there.

Leaving was natural.
At first, nothing was missing; it was comfortable to be out on my own.
Life moved along with no extra effort or missed steps.
Everything aligned, just as it should, at least for a time.
I had found a new home, or so it seemed.

Before long, the new-found comfort started to wane, dis-ease set in.
A sense of loss was not far behind, growing quickly over time.
Old memories were next, followed by a deep longing, a desire to have what used to be.
Comforts, once so familiar and taken for granted, were missing, leaving only a void in their place.
This place no longer felt like home.

With no regret but a strong sense of urgency, the decision to return home was made.
The trek was long and arduous, the passage sometimes unfamiliar and often-times overgrown.
I knew that once I set out, there was no turning back.
I wanted to be home. I had to be home.
Back to the place of connection, oneness and ease.
The place of heart.





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