Riding My Bike & Minding My Own Business

“Women in Recovery Everywhere (WIRE)” has been part of my life for more than seven years now. It has come to represent what I’m most passionate about–sharing courage and hope with others who are also recovering from addictions, mental illness, eating disorders and/or anything else life has tossed their way!  It has given me the opportunity to create an umbrella under which I gather the many ways I express and live out this passion, this calling, in my personal life, volunteer work and my paid job. I’m still in awe over how the whole idea first started and continues to change and enrich my life today. Seriously, I was riding my bike, totally minding my own business, and the inspiration hit me from out of the blue. I can’t help but think there was something funny going on. Could it be a God thing?

It all started in August 2010 when I was doing a five-day biking trip across my home province, Prince Edward Island, with two gal pals also in recovery. We were nearing the end of our trek and I stopped on the trail to wait for my friends to catch up (I was a bit whole lot driven back then). This is when it started and, seemingly out of the blue, a random thought came into my head, “This would be so much fun to do again with a large group of women in recovery.” That thought was quickly followed by another: the group would be called “Women in Recovery Everywhere, WIRE” (Okay it’s not funny, God was that you?).  I had a clear picture of a group of women riding bicycles wearing bright yellow t-shirts with a WIRE logo on it (hmm, okay thanks again). Shortly after these ideas hit me off the side of the head, my biking mates caught up and we continued on our way. The WIRE inspiration slipped into a far corner of my memory, not to re-surface again for a number of years.

Fast forward to November 2013 and I was at a SheRecovers retreat in Mexico with a group of like-minded women. It was an amazing week of yoga, relaxation, connection and roof-top massage (yep and it was over-looking the beach). As I lay there enjoying my last massage for the week, the idea of “Women in Recovery Everywhere, WIRE” popped back into my head. I wasn’t expecting it yet I knew it had to be another God moment. You see, when I had a mental breakdown/breakthrough in 2010, I made a deal with the Universe/God that if I got better I would help others. On that rooftop in Mexico, I quickly realized that I was better. God had upheld Her end of the bargain but me, not so much! It was time for me to get moving and as I left Mexico a couple of days later, I knew I was getting ready to move forward with Women in Recovery Everywhere. (Thank you again for the gentle nudge on the rooftop; it complemented the massage so well!)

Okay, one more jump forward to Valentine’s Day 2014 when I had a group of gal pals gathered to celebrate the day of love. It was an evening full of laughter, sharing and real connection. There were about ten of us and, at one point, I looked around the room and noticed how everyone was paired off talking and laughing. Some of these women had never met before that night and others were long-time friends. There were so many interesting conversations going on and I saw, in that moment, such uniqueness, gifts, connection and power. After my friends left, I cleaned up the dishes and the many left-over sweet treats (harder to see this as a God moment but I expect it was). Not surprising with all the sugar I had consumed, I couldn’t sleep when I went to bed that night and my mind was racing in all directions. Again, I was inspired and by 5:00 am, I was sitting up in bed with pen and paper in hand. This is when the remaining pieces of the WIRE puzzle, including some ideas for a logo, fell out of my head and onto onto paper. I was pretty keyed up so I immediately sent a message to my friend who is a graphic designer (and everything extraordinaire). I  was hoping she’d get back to me the next day but, as it turned out, she wasn’t sleeping either so we made a date to get together the next day to start designing a logo. Not long after our first meeting, I had my concept nailed down and new business cards in hand.


All these “coincidences” have left me believing that my Higher Power, my God, is all over this adventure. There is absolutely no way I could have taken the sour lemons life has tossed my way and made something so sweet and lovely out of them. Remember, I’m the one who was just riding my bike, minding my own business and trying to keep ahead.

Love and blessings,

Women in Recovery EverywhereIMG_0663.JPG


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