Until Then

Losses outweigh the gains.
Tears flow freely, leaving trails where only smiles used to be.
Hope slips slowly out of reach.

More questions than answers.
Reasons and understanding slowly fade away.
Darkness extends well beyond the night hours.

Doubts loom in the distance.
Faith is shaken and loneliness persists.
Desperation searches for answers or any remnant of sense amid the rubble.

Will morning bring light.
And does time really heal.
I wonder if there really is a plan, where all things happen for a reason.

Choose to believe and let the day end.
Sleep peacefully in the knowledge that all will be well.
And until it is, no one is ever alone.

Rest in the arms of love and protection.
Holding on to faith and leaning into grace.
Know that tomorrow the sun will rise and light will return.

Until then, hold on to hope.

Love and blessings,

Women in Recovery Everywhere











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