Turn Away

It’s been a heavy week of sadness, loss and worry in our family, communities and world. I write this to remind myself to focus on light and love, not because I’m a Pollyanna but rather, I am a survivor prone to darkness. This is how I fight back and I hope others join me in coping by spreading light and love.

Turn Away

So much sadness, grief, injustice and darkness in our world.
Temptation is to give in, to be drawn into and become a part of it.
Turn away.

At some point, all struggle and strife will be in vain, if we all give up.
Hope will dwindle.
Despair will thrive.
Turn away.

Rather than curse the darkness, search for light.
Instead of talking about hatred, spread love.
Choose to live life rather than fear death.
Turn away.

Be hope, spread light and live love.

Love and blessings,



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