Forgetfulness and School Days

Some days I have a memory like an elephant; I forget the very basics of living. I forget:

  • “Easy Does it but Do it!”;
  • to ask my Higher Power to show me the way;
  • to be grateful; and,
  • I forget there is a power, a force, so much greater than me who is running the show.

Yes, I am that forgetful!

Other days, I revert back to child-like ways. I only want to do what’s “fun” or “easy”. I don’t want to do the hard stuff, like acting all grown up by going to work and interacting with people. I just want to stay home “cuz I’m not feeling well” and have Mommy cuddle and nurse me back to health while I eat tomato soup and watch television. This of course lasts until 3:00 when school is out and there are much better things to do with my friends.

I feel like I have been going it alone lately. My circle has been small and I’ve been keeping to myself more than usual. My prayer and meditation have been less consistent. This has been part coping and part isolation. Part healthy and part unhealthy. Part grown up and part child-like. Part mindful and part mindless.

Today I will ask my Higher Power to keep me grounded in this moment so I can see the truth of who She is, who I am and what the next right thing is for me.

Love and blessings my friends,





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