Sharing the Gifts of Recovery

My path has been sometimes very windy and long but I am still so grateful that it has led me to the life I have today. Although not every day is great, every day is good!

I have been blessed in the last few years to meet many amazing women who willingly share with others how they have walked through fears to become the women they were born to be, the women they are today. These are ordinary women with extraordinary strength and courage. They have used their life experiences, the ups but especially the downs, to move closer towards their full potential which, for many, includes supporting other women on paths of recovery from addictions, mental and physical illness, trauma, and sometimes, just life.

No one has been more surprised than me to discover that I too am one of these women-an ordinary woman with extraordinary strength and courage as a result of my life experiences. I too have a strong desire to share my life experiences and gifts to empower others to live their full potential. I know this is how I am meant to fulfill  the promise I made to the Universe when I was diagnosed with mental illness in 2010—that “if I got better, I would help others”. A promise is a promise!

I want to help those whose life experiences are blocking them from living their best lives. By facing and overcoming the fears and barriers that keep us from walking with our heads held high, we can live and share our most authentic selves with everyone we meet. I truly believe we are strengthened by our stories and connected by our courage. Let’s travel this path together!



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